Regional Committees

Scotmid has three Regional Committees to serve members living in the Society’s trading areas in the East, North and West, with up to 12 members serving on each Committee. Our three Regional Committees are responsible for representing the views of members in their region, promoting membership in their region and providing nominees for places on the Board. They are also responsible for managing their Regional Community budget and for allocating grants to community groups within their regions.



Board_Of_Directors2018 eastGENERAL.IMP7

Board_Of_Directors2018 west

Board_Of_Directors2018 North

Regional Committee members are nominated and elected by the members from within their geographic region.  Nominations for places are accepted at the Ordinary General Meeting and elections conducted at the Annual General Meeting. Nominees must hold £25 in their share capital account and have been a member of the Society for one year at time of nomination.