How does Community Connect work for Members?


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Community Connect is exclusively available to Scotmid Co-operative members in our trading areas across Scotland – to find out how to become a member click here.

How does Community Connect work?
A Scotmid member panel formed from elected members and employees will select a shortlist of three Good Cause Groups from those applying for a Community Connect award. Members can then follow the steps below to collect votes and then cast those votes to award the three Good Cause Groups one of three financial amounts.

Scan and Collect:

  • Members receive one Community Connect vote for every transaction in Scotmid Food stores*
  • There is no limit to how many votes members can collect
  • Members can see their votes at any time by logging into the Members hub
  • There are two vote collection cycles each year which run from April to October and October to April

Register and Attend:

  • Members who join more than 3 months before the date of a Scotmid member meeting (held in April and October) can register and attend the meeting to cast their votes
  • Members will receive registration instructions and be told the meeting location a few weeks before registration opens
  • Alongside casting Community Connect votes the member meetings enable members to receive an update on the performance of Scotmid Co-operative

Vote and Award:

  • When members arrive at the member meeting they’ll be given a voting slip with the number of the votes that they have collected by shopping in store
  • The three Good Cause Groups will give a short presentation explaining who they are and what they will use the financial award for
  • Members then vote for their favourite Group – to keep things simple all of a members votes must be cast for the same group – it will not be possible to vote for more than one group
  • The group with the highest number of votes will be awarded £15,000, the group with the second highest number of votes receives £7,500 and the third group will be given £2,500.

There’s also a new personal benefit for members – each time a member scans their card in store they will be entered into the Community Connect prize draw to win up to £100 in Scotmid vouchers every month.

Where can I get more information? Contact the membership team by emailing or by calling 0131 335 4433. The full terms and conditions for Community Connect can be found here and the Monthly Member prize draw terms and conditions can be found here.

*PayPoint transactions will not generate a vote